How to find a publisher for your novel

When you decide to write a novel, you need to do a lot of research depending on the type of subject you are handling. You need to meet people who are professional in their respective fields and make connections, lay out an outline, etc. It is not a work of one or two days. It requires proper planning. When you are in a process of writing a novel, it should come from your heart because you love writing. Money and fame are the things which come after you successfully complete your novel, and publish it.

Writing a novel requires self determination. There are no superiors to supervise you or force you to complete. It is completely done by self motivation. It is a work of art and genuine desire. It does not have any definite pattern. Whether your style of writing is successful or not is determined only after the novel gets published. When you complete the novel, publishing is the next big step you need to conquer. The publisher goes through your work and decides to publish it only if the publisher finds the work worthy.

How to find a publisher for your novel

Writing a novel is challenging enough, but getting your book onto the shelves can be an extremely daunting task. If you are met with the question of how to get a novel published, there is one important concept to focus on that will save you both time and money – research. The vast majority of publishing in the United States is done through several large publishing companies that will not accept unsolicited manuscripts, particularly from new authors. There are, however, a number of small, legitimate publishing houses that continue to work directly with authors. It is very important to do your research before submitting your manuscript.

An area of focus in regards to how to get a novel published is to take the time to find out which companies are appropriate to your particular work. There is no benefit to sending your fictional novel to a company that specializes in children’s’ books, non-fiction, or educational books. At a cost of around $30.00, The Writers Market is an excellent resource for any author. It is published annually, available in most bookstores, and contains invaluable information on many different publishers. Make sure that you are targeting those houses that publish works within your genre. It is also very important to present the work to a potential publisher in the manner requested.

In most instances, the publisher will be looking for a high-quality query letter. This is the initial contact with the publisher so take your time drafting your letter. It should include the title of your novel, the genre, a word count, your contact information, and a brief synopsis of your work. It is also critical to note that the publishing industry moves very slowly. Traditional publishing houses can take six to eight months to respond to your submission if they respond at all. It can be disheartening, especially when you are sending your letter to a publishing company that will not accept simultaneous submissions.


Do not limit yourself to the large publishing houses. Many first time authors find that smaller, independent publishing companies are much more accessible and quicker to respond to submissions. Regardless of the direction you choose, research will save you time and money as you begin the process of publishing your novel.



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How to Write a Screenplay

Writing a screenplay for a feature film is something that comes naturally to a select few, but typically requires a serious focus and dedication to gain the skills necessary to master. If you’re a little nervous about it, that’s okay, because it means you’re not alone. After all, screenwriting isn’t something that we learn in grammar school, but there are a tonne of resources through books, communities, forums, online resources and schooling that can guide the articulate wordsmith from a beginner to expert!How to format a screenplay isn’t as complicated as you may think at first glance. But the truth is that screenwriting is within your grasp. Screenplay is a piece of writing for a television program or a movie. Screenplay writing is an art to putting down the scenarios of a movie or a TV program. One should not be professionally trained to become a screenplay writer, however, different abilities like storytelling, good depth in the language and creativity is needed.

One should know the art of writing a script. The basic rules of screenplay writing include the rules and the formatting. In common terms, a screenplay is an approximately 19-20 pages write-up which are written on an A4 sheet. The font Courier is generally used for screenplay writing. A screenplay can be an original story from the writer or it also can be a write up based on a true story. This is known as the heart of the film or a TV program. The different rules like transitions, shots, extensions are included while doing screenplay writing.

Once you have your story ready, it has to be put in a format which includes Margins, Font, and Use of continued, dialogue breaking, formatting character, scene transitions and much more. Keeping the most important thing in mind, that a screenplay is an illustration and your characters events or proceedings move the narrative ahead from scene to scene. Actions demonstrate the viewers what it desires to know. Your characters’ conversation chains the actions.

Every time the characters shift to a different location, a brand new scene caption is required. Conversation or dialogues are generally positioned in the center of the page beneath the character’s name, which is at all times in all block letters when utilized as a dialogue title.

There is a lot more to learn on this subject. This only scratches the surface of how to format a screenplay. Keep putting in the time and research and it will pay off. There are various places other than schools to acquire the knowledge that it takes to become a screenwriter or even a director. There is a set of skills that is required to be able to complete a screen ply or direct a movie. You just have to acquire those skills whether it be from reading on How the great play writers of our time got started and study the techniques they used that made them great. Or take classes from a local screenwriter, attend webinars on screenwriting, find forums on screenwriting and read and ask questions.


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How to Write a Blog Post

Blogging and article marketing are now becoming the latest trend on the internet for people looking for how to make lots of money online. Blogging is also an option for people that are either starting a business from home for the first time, bringing an offline business to the online world, or looking to increase their marketing exposure for programs that they are promoting such as affiliate products or network marketing opportunities. Learning how to write a blog post becomes a competitive advantage to market effectively for the long term and leverage your up-front efforts for months and years to come.

The trick is to learn how to blog in such a way that you differentiate yourself from all the millions of other blogs throughout the internet. So how do you get your blog content noticed and what do you blog about?

How to write a blog post.

If you already have a blog site, the first thing to do is to determine a relevant and interesting topic to write about. Here are some tricks to help you get started if you don’t already know a topic that you want.

Current or Trending Stories or Videos- take some time to search what’s trending today on the news, google, yahoo, youtube or facebook. What are people interested in today i.e. celebrities, sports, music, health, stocks, economy, etc.

You need to determine just what interests you enough to write about or learn more about? Think of what areas you have skills in or some experience. Also, have you had to overcome a particular challenge or problem?

Do some keyword research to see if your topic is generating enough interest to drive good traffic. In other words, does anybody else care about your topic? Select the main keyword and some related variations also for your article or post.

Research other successful blogs in your market that attract a lot of visitors paying attention to topics and writing styles.

Let The Writing Begin, and don’t stop writing!
As you begin writing, it is best to get your thoughts down first rather than stopping to edit along the way. Although this seems elementary, it happens all of the time to bloggers that may not end up writing anything at all if they lose their train of thought. Keep your train on the track.

Use your unique personality and follow your internal beliefs to gain credibility over time. So just be yourself and be honest about how you feel in expressing your content. People want to hear what you honestly think about a particular topic. Try to write as if you are speaking to your friends or family.

Don’t worry about making it perfect in the beginning; it is more important to blog more often which provides a steady stream of fresh content. It is up to you to determine how often you commit to blogging, but it is important to maintain a constant flow so the readers can count on when your blog is updated. The most important point of how to write a blog is creating interesting content on a consistent basis that your readers will get accustomed to.

When writing your blog post, apply some Search Engine optimization techniques, this will help get traffic to your content. Start out easy by writing a catchy blog post title that includes the main keyword. Sprinkles some of the related keywords throughout the content. Also, include corresponding tags to the blog post before posting.



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Writers block?

Writer’s block is one of the least pleasant experiences. It can lead to a great deal of frustration. The good news is you can overcome it just as easily. You just need to motivate yourself and get some inspiration. Instructions to get and remain motivated to write articles ordinary

I have a few tips for you that might help:

When we have something to say, it is hard to remain quiet. This is true for everyone. Therefore, if you are experiencing a writer’s block, try and get new ideas. Do not just sit and wait. Make things happen for you.

We cannot keep everything inside. For us to learn something, we need to let go of what we already have in our minds. It means you should not be restrictive. You should be open to new ideas.

Reading something new will also change your way of looking at things. It will restructure your perspective. A change in perspective means that you will have something new to write about.

If you learn something new, then you will start viewing what you already know in a different way. It will give you a new perspective. It will help you get over your writer’s block. You will something new to share, and also you can talk about old ideas in a new way.

Try free writing. You can always start writing whatever comes to your mind. It is fun. Usually, the first sentence is the hardest to come by. After that, ideas flow freely. You can always refine your writings by editing later.

Try to read on different subjects. That aids in erasing this problem too. Remember, you need to find inspiration to overcome it.

You need to stay motivated here too. Just take it easy and keep an open and receptive mind to new ideas.

You have to write frequently to get and remain motivated. Composing frequently keeps you in the stream of article composing and makes article composing much simpler.

When you are composing consistently, you see article thoughts all over the place.

Remember at all times the consequences of consistent article composing and promoting. You may even need to write the outcomes down some place that you can see ordinary. Notwithstanding the unadulterated joy of composing, the outcomes are the most spurring factor for me. I don’t trust – I don’t think – I realise that the more articles I write, the more activity, prospects, endorsers, customers, fun and benefits I will have.

Keep these tips, particularly the outcomes, at the top of the priority list to get and keep you motivated to write your articles.hope this tips will go a long way in helping you in shaping and motivating your writing spirit.

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Essential Tools for a Writer


Sure, you can write with nothing but a pen and a pile of blank paper. After all, there’s no doubt that some of the greatest books, essays, and novels of all time were written that way many years ago.

Writing can be very fun once you start to play with your thoughts and let your imagination run endlessly about a certain topic that was given to you. When that happens, you will find a lot of words to describe and create a better flow and concept for your written articles. That way, you find easy to write as you fully understand what the topic is all about.

On the other hand, it can also be very hard in your part and for those who find writing as a difficult task to do particularly if you ran out of words to express your thoughts within your articles. As your mind works hard to complete your writing tasks, you should be supplied with the right tools and equipment for writing. You might never notice it, but writing tools have been a great help for you to work conveniently.

There’s no reason, however, to restrict you to such inadequate supplies. It’s a contemporary world, after all, with a veritable wealth trove of tools and equipment that can improve streamlines of your writing life.

Therefore, below is a list of the most essential tools for a writer.

1. A good desk
Every writer requires a good work area, so invest in a study desk with sufficient space to hold your computer setup comfortably. At the same time, ensure there’s a space where you can review books and printouts, as well as occasionally handwrite stuff, in case you’re in the mood for that.

2. A mid-range computer
If you’re going to use a machine majorly for writing, you won’t require one of those big systems. A low-voltage machine with one of the lower-end CPUs should handle all the processing power you require.

3. A word processing software
Invest in the best one. Free software like AbiWord or Open Office Writer are nice but lack the essential feature set found in Microsoft Office’s suite. The last thing you require is to suddenly develop a demand for a capability and not have it available to you. In case you’re interested, my personal favorite software for writing is Microsoft Office OneNote. Just a note: regardless of what software you pick, make sure you have a way of converting it to a Word-compatible format.

4. A good writing improvement software
While Word has spell and grammar checker of its own, we find dedicated writing software to be a much more effective solution on the long-term. Not only do they have more features (e.g. style checkers, programmability), they’ll also tend to play better with a variety of tools in your computer.

5. Standard office machines.
You want to have conventional office equipment on there, from faxes, land lines, answering machines and such. If you’re more tech-savvy, you can plan and organize for all the same conveniences right on your PC, though, so that can save a whole lot in initial equipment.



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