Essential Tools for a Writer


Sure, you can write with nothing but a pen and a pile of blank paper. After all, there’s no doubt that some of the greatest books, essays, and novels of all time were written that way many years ago.

Writing can be very fun once you start to play with your thoughts and let your imagination run endlessly about a certain topic that was given to you. When that happens, you will find a lot of words to describe and create a better flow and concept for your written articles. That way, you find easy to write as you fully understand what the topic is all about.

On the other hand, it can also be very hard in your part and for those who find writing as a difficult task to do particularly if you ran out of words to express your thoughts within your articles. As your mind works hard to complete your writing tasks, you should be supplied with the right tools and equipment for writing. You might never notice it, but writing tools have been a great help for you to work conveniently.

There’s no reason, however, to restrict you to such inadequate supplies. It’s a contemporary world, after all, with a veritable wealth trove of tools and equipment that can improve streamlines of your writing life.

Therefore, below is a list of the most essential tools for a writer.

1. A good desk
Every writer requires a good work area, so invest in a study desk with sufficient space to hold your computer setup comfortably. At the same time, ensure there’s a space where you can review books and printouts, as well as occasionally handwrite stuff, in case you’re in the mood for that.

2. A mid-range computer
If you’re going to use a machine majorly for writing, you won’t require one of those big systems. A low-voltage machine with one of the lower-end CPUs should handle all the processing power you require.

3. A word processing software
Invest in the best one. Free software like AbiWord or Open Office Writer are nice but lack the essential feature set found in Microsoft Office’s suite. The last thing you require is to suddenly develop a demand for a capability and not have it available to you. In case you’re interested, my personal favorite software for writing is Microsoft Office OneNote. Just a note: regardless of what software you pick, make sure you have a way of converting it to a Word-compatible format.

4. A good writing improvement software
While Word has spell and grammar checker of its own, we find dedicated writing software to be a much more effective solution on the long-term. Not only do they have more features (e.g. style checkers, programmability), they’ll also tend to play better with a variety of tools in your computer.

5. Standard office machines.
You want to have conventional office equipment on there, from faxes, land lines, answering machines and such. If you’re more tech-savvy, you can plan and organize for all the same conveniences right on your PC, though, so that can save a whole lot in initial equipment.



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