How to Write a Blog Post

Blogging and article marketing are now becoming the latest trend on the internet for people looking for how to make lots of money online. Blogging is also an option for people that are either starting a business from home for the first time, bringing an offline business to the online world, or looking to increase their marketing exposure for programs that they are promoting such as affiliate products or network marketing opportunities. Learning how to write a blog post becomes a competitive advantage to market effectively for the long term and leverage your up-front efforts for months and years to come.

The trick is to learn how to blog in such a way that you differentiate yourself from all the millions of other blogs throughout the internet. So how do you get your blog content noticed and what do you blog about?

How to write a blog post.

If you already have a blog site, the first thing to do is to determine a relevant and interesting topic to write about. Here are some tricks to help you get started if you don’t already know a topic that you want.

Current or Trending Stories or Videos- take some time to search what’s trending today on the news, google, yahoo, youtube or facebook. What are people interested in today i.e. celebrities, sports, music, health, stocks, economy, etc.

You need to determine just what interests you enough to write about or learn more about? Think of what areas you have skills in or some experience. Also, have you had to overcome a particular challenge or problem?

Do some keyword research to see if your topic is generating enough interest to drive good traffic. In other words, does anybody else care about your topic? Select the main keyword and some related variations also for your article or post.

Research other successful blogs in your market that attract a lot of visitors paying attention to topics and writing styles.

Let The Writing Begin, and don’t stop writing!
As you begin writing, it is best to get your thoughts down first rather than stopping to edit along the way. Although this seems elementary, it happens all of the time to bloggers that may not end up writing anything at all if they lose their train of thought. Keep your train on the track.

Use your unique personality and follow your internal beliefs to gain credibility over time. So just be yourself and be honest about how you feel in expressing your content. People want to hear what you honestly think about a particular topic. Try to write as if you are speaking to your friends or family.

Don’t worry about making it perfect in the beginning; it is more important to blog more often which provides a steady stream of fresh content. It is up to you to determine how often you commit to blogging, but it is important to maintain a constant flow so the readers can count on when your blog is updated. The most important point of how to write a blog is creating interesting content on a consistent basis that your readers will get accustomed to.

When writing your blog post, apply some Search Engine optimization techniques, this will help get traffic to your content. Start out easy by writing a catchy blog post title that includes the main keyword. Sprinkles some of the related keywords throughout the content. Also, include corresponding tags to the blog post before posting.



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